Untitled and more art by Shafagh Azhandeh

48 x 36 inch (h x w)
CAD 2 800
Mixed media
gallery canvas
for sale

Artist Statement
The idea behind my paintings is to elicit the sense of modern life distracted from the natural and sensational definitions of human kind. This is often ignored!
I apply simple shape of these two distinct worlds using straightforward shapes and raw colours with the desire to connect with my viewers. I am challenged by simultaneous combinations of the simplicity and beauty at the same time. However, I believe that I have never sacrificed one for the other. What has remained interesting and constant in this experience is that I have found it easier to have modern life’s elements which I call “concrete items” in the beginning of my adventure than with spiritual ones. In my journey, I was able to slowly move from these “concrete items” toward natural based symbols which I refer to as “meadow details”.

Artist Bio
Growing up as a young girl, I utterly was fascinated by how light danced around objects and defined stories on their behalf. Long or waning shadows always allowed me to come up with my own narratives that I could carry for days, constantly editing them and renewing my interpretations.
The rich history in my heritage with sophisticated architecture, literature and poetry always left me wandering in the world of discovering and characterization of light. In ancient Iran, the pristine fires in Zoroastrian culture were kept lit to spread benevolence on earth and keep the morality of good deeds illuminated.
The dancing rays and shadows of light in underground canals, water mains, fire temples, light wells, and high ceiling bath houses were always meant to represent the divine power of sun in a practical roadmap to carry with the requirements of a daily life.
Today, as an adult and a visual artist my eyes continue to be pinned on creativity, materialized through palettes of paint and my inquisitive mind set on elucidating my most sincere observations to my world through my reflections and impact of light. In many ways, I have remained true to my childhood marvels and discoveries in pursuit of defining the vivacious narratives presented by light.
My current collection here, 'The Allure of Light' tells the story of my lifelong quest in discovering light.

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