Curated by Luis Gustavo Rodriguez (

Curated by Luis Gustavo Rodriguez (
80.7 x 89.6 cm (h x w)

The curator, Luis Gustavo Rodriguez, has been working with Vernon Eugene Finney (The Master Painter) to digitize as well as digitally archive the latter's life and work in the arts.

This virtual exhibit of Vernon's art is a product of those efforts, which continue to this very day. Luis has taken art in physical form, to art in digital form. He's also designed, and programmed, the website as well as the information system encompassing that aspect of our digital archiving efforts.

As an unimaginable team, with over 50 years of difference in age, both gentlemen, artists in their own right, are working to bring the message of compassion, love, empathy, togetherness, understanding, non-judgement and happiness to the masses. A message which happens to be the underlying principle behind most artwork created by Mr. Vernon Finney. For, we truly believe everyone in the world can benefit from such messaging in our daily lives, and into the future, especially in this day in age of troubling pandemics and misinformation upheaval.

Feel free to contact the curator directly, by using the email address supplied by way of link.

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