1955 - Welcome to England KEELE UNIVERSITY 1st PRIZE WINNER and more art by Clive Wilson

1955 - Welcome to England KEELE UNIVERSITY 1st PRIZE WINNER, 2021
50 x 36 cm (h x w)
Oil on canvas

Self-taught, my work is predominately portraiture.

Faces are how we recognise each other and how we express ourselves. Our entire world is connected by faces. Suffering from mild Prosopagnosia (face blindness), I am particularly drawn to portraiture, possibly as a subconscious way of trying to find the building blocks of facial recognition.

To capture a likeness while at the same time conveying a mood or expression, is, to me, a huge challenge that drives my need to paint.

This painting is loosely based on a black and white image from the 1950’s of a newly arrived West Indian immigrant to the UK. I have tried to reflect the swirling emotions he must have felt. A mixture of sadness for the loved ones left behind, bewilderment at the strange surroundings, fear of the unknown but with hope for a new and brighter future.

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more from Three Counties Open Art Exhibition 2021

Time Alone, 2021
60 x 38 cm (h x w)
Oil on panel

Lighten our darkness , 2021
61 x 61 cm (h x w)
mixed media - acrylic on pre-prepared
recycled papers

Pen Dog, 2021
30 x 21 cm (h x w)
fine Liner

Field of Green, 2021
30 x 21 cm (h x w)

Lady in Blue, 2021
30 x 21 cm (h x w)
Watercolour and pencil


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