What do you think is most important when developing new technologies? and more art by Priya Odedra & Dr. Richard Colchester

What do you think is most important when developing new technologies?, 2021

An interactive graph showing responses to the question: ‘Trade-offs between different factors are essential to consider when developing new technologies. For example, focussing on one factor is likely to reduce the effectiveness of another. Move the slider towards the factor you feel is more important in a clinical setting: healthcare outcomes or how sustainable the technology is’.

This question was part of a short survey involving questions from researchers to members of the public about new medical technologies they are working on. The survey was shared with heart patients and their families, individuals at risk of heart disease (condensed to ‘heart patients’ in the graph), and young people (age 16-18) in the first stage of the OpUS creative exchange.

We received 61 responses from heart patients and 85 from young people. Thank you to everyone who took part!

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