Yesenia Fuentes, photo credit David Wong and more art by Exit/Entry Collective

Yesenia Fuentes, photo credit David Wong, 2021

Exit/ Entry is an interdisciplinary collective initiated by Yesenia Fuentes, Tatiana Koroleva and Ilinca Domsa in Montreal in the summer of 2016.

Grounded in the practices of contemporary Butoh and performance art, Exit/Entry focuses on the on-going development of collaborative research-creation projects and dissemination activities including workshops, performance events and public interventions.

The goal of Exit/ Entry collective is to cultivate publicly shared space supporting Butoh and Butoh-inspired performance art practices in Montreal. A currently underrepresented artistic discipline in Quebec, Butoh is the focus of both: our individual creative explorations, and the philosophy of our group.

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Yesenia Fuentes, photo credit ..., 2021


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