All Creatures Great and Small and more art by Chaz Waldren

All Creatures Great and Small
57 x 44.5 cm (h x w)
pen on paper

I simply like to draw pictures. I sometimes find it relaxing and a pleasant distraction during difficult times of the year - it’s also nice to feel I’m being creative in some way. I don’t always know what inspires me I like to think the LORD helps me but also my dear wife Sally often gives me good ideas. I started drawing pictures using biros for the outline or main designs and then colouring pens and gels to colour it all in. I have this one style only really but I like it and can do it so I stick with what I can do I’m not a very versatile artist at all really and in many ways, I know very little about art and the art world. I’ve always drawn these pictures at home in our council flat in Bognor Regis.

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