The Inner Struggle and more art by Hollyjcat

The Inner Struggle, 2021
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The Inner Struggle
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When I first saw this prompt, I wasn’t sure what to make. But then I thought if might be interesting if a drawing stylus was the weapon of choice to fight back against ‘the stickman.’
This piece represents my internal struggle with creating art, which I often picture as a battle. The right side of the pupil represents ‘the stickman,’ the negative side of my internal dialogue. The weapon of choice, the sword, represents how words can very easily pierce deeper than any blade.
On the left side, battling against ‘the stickman,’ is ‘the champion,’ the positive side of my internal dialogue. The weapon of choice, the drawing stylus, represents the art I create to battle against those negative notions that assail my creativity.
The eye encasing them represents me as the observer, witnessing the conflict to create art going on inside my mind. The “I shouldn’t'” create something wages war with the “I should” create something, and thus this internal struggle of creating continues.

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