Standing by the Stove and more art by Patricia Morgan

Standing by the Stove
84 x 73 cm (h x w)

Patsy takes inspiration from annual festival events and celebrations in her work. Alongside the seasonal themes she uses as subjects for her work, she also has a continuing series of self-portraits she works on. Patsy's seasonal themes begin at the beginning of January, usually represented in images of cakes and celebrations; she
continues working with these themes until her birthday in early March. Patsy then shifts focus to Easter, Summer Holidays, Halloween and Christmas. Patsy loves the fun and joyous side of these annual events, which she communicates through her artwork. Easter bunnies, witches, pumpkins, Father Christmases and Snowmen are some examples of recurring images in her work. When Patsy is not working on her more seasonal themes she creates self-portraits. Patsy regularly returns to these self-portraits as she re-interprets her own image. She does this by examining and re-examining minute details, such as her watch, the patterns on her clothes, and her hairstyle. This close attention to detail is evident in ‘Standing by the stove' with the definition in the pocket on her dress, the frill of the hem. She has also recorded the background of her setting beautifully in this image,
depicting the stove and what looks to be some food preparation going on on the
workbench beside her. Her self portraits are fascinating as no two are the same as she chooses to focus and enhance different details in each one.

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