Covid Road Signs and more art by Mike Clements

Covid Road Signs, 2021
9 x 9 cm (h x w)
GBP 50
Artist’s Book
archival inks

Imaginary new road signs that governments might have used to create public awareness of restrictions imposed during Covid-19 lockdown: circuit breaker; Covid-19 virus; and tiers.

The UK government was, we were told, led by the scientific evidence when deciding on the restrictions. So these road signs recall some of the best ideas of our doctors, scientists and epidemiologists.

This is a simple yet surprisingly complex structure for an artist’s book. Concertina books are commonplace but invariably irregular. I needed something to fit into the petri dish. Hence the use of a form of the concertina that folds into a roughly circular shape. When the petri dish is opened, the structure springs up into an approximately helix form. The petri dish is held closed by a medical tourniquet.

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50 x 40 cm (h x w)
Natural moss

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