Ghost, Gold Leaf in a Petri Dish and more art by Nicholas Ashton

Ghost, Gold Leaf in a Petri Dish, 2021
9 x 9 cm (h x w)
GBP 75
Oak Leaf and Gilding Leaf

I make my work with whatever medium is appropriate, or to hand, to best illustrate the ideas I am attempting to convey at the time. I like to use disposable materials such as cardboard and enjoy disguising materials to make them look like something else. The gold leaf in this piece is a play upon words as well as an illustration of the paradox of the notion of value.

Thus, the ideas that underlie my current works are those of time, energy and materials, and the way in which they come together in the space of the world. How they exist, co-exist and their effect upon each other and the population.

My work is also a response to the rapid and recent changes in our society, from the advent of a global pandemic to the changes in work patterns, lifestyles, and technology, and attempts to convey the notion of change and how a new way of life is gradually replacing an older one.

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Chasm, 2020
50 x 40 cm (h x w)
Natural moss

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42 x 32 cm (h x w)
Natural moss

Pollination of Pink, 2020
45 x 45 cm (h x w)
Natural moss

Crescent, 2018
digital photography series


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