Shafts(dis) and more art by Emily Ketteringham

Shafts(dis), 2021
9 x 9 cm (h x w)
GBP 80
Paper screen-printed with crushed unison colour pastels

The landscape around Tarset is pock marked with small circular depressions. In most cases, circles of long grass nestle in shallow dips, contrasting in colour with the heather that surrounds them. In a few cases the holes are much deeper, their full depth obscured by the rusting metal that has been dumped in them. Marked as shafts(dis) on the OS map, they are the remnants of old one-man coal pits.

This piece is about those hidden circles- amongst the heather and hummocks of grass on the fens, you can easily walk within two feet of one and not notice it is there- and the geological processes that meant the coal was there to be mined.

The colours refence the colours of the landscape, and the Earth, rocks, and sand below it. They are screen-printed with Unison Colour pastels, made by hand just down the road from where I was exploring the old pits.

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