Analysis of An Artwork and more art by Mary F Harrison

Analysis of An Artwork, 2021
9 x 9 cm (h x w)
GBP 120
Watercolour on Khadi paper

An artist’s manifesto or analysis of an artwork.

AIM- to produce work relating to natural forms as a remembered response to the environment or another given subject.

OBJECT- the 7 elements.
The elements which this artist personally considers necessary in the construction of a piece of work are line, form, flow, balance, texture, contrast, and tone. They differ slightly from the classical elements, which include space, colour, and value. The artist believes those follow when the construction adheres to the altered criteria.

METHOD- the production of 7 paper discs, each illustrating one of the artist’s chosen 7 elements.
Following the artist’s desire to interfere with the natural environment as little as possible, handcrafted watercolours from the North of England were applied to Khadi rag paper, handmade in India.

CONCLUSION- it is possible to dissect a piece of artwork in a scientific manner- but it’s a bit of a bore!

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