Between The Skies and The Fireflies and more art by Dr Veeda Ahmed

Between The Skies and The Fireflies, 2021
9 x 9 cm (h x w)
23 Kagal Shell gold
finely ground Bapis
watercolour pigments
handmade VASLI paper.
not for sale

When reflecting on petri dishes and their use, my mind turns to science and its wonder. There has arguably been no greater year in living memory to demonstrate the positive impact of human beings coming together to accomplish a shared goal backed by science. I believe in human beings and our ability to protect our world for future generations.

And so, I wanted to create a painting, in this tiny life-giving petri dish, where the power of science, human intelligence, and knowledge come together to protect, preserve, and keep alive some of the endangered species on Earth for future generations to enjoy.

I have, therefore, places a hint of this ideal world in a dish, where the stars illuminate the night sky and fireflies brighten our path on the Earth below.

Endangered animals live on this protected space; the Blue Fin Tuna swims happily in our waters, the Blue-nape Parrot and Snow-white Egret perch undisturbed in the trees, and the silhouettes of the endangered Chinese Water Deer live in a haze on the Earth below.

With this petri dish, we stop the destruction of our flora and fauna and protect our world forever more.

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