Mario, Madonna, and Child and more art by Carmen Moses

Mario, Madonna, and Child, 2017
55 x 40 inch (h x w)

Carmen Moses uses various mediums in to create work that is both cerebral and emotional. She often uses the contrast of the technical and human, emotional and logical, cold and warm (both in color and in concept) as integral components of her work. She tackles controversial subjects like body image, sin, death, and guilt through technical and religious lenses. Her artistic voice began to take form while learning about renaissance and medieval Christian artwork. Juxtaposing then and now, she is also heavily influenced by technology in several respects. Her artistic interpretations and works are informed by a current dependence on technology, its rapid development, and its uncertain future. Artists that have inspired her include Frida Kahlo and H.R. Giger. She was further influenced by contemporary entertainment, including movies like the Matrix Trilogy, Metropolis, and Cloud Atlas, and other artists, performers, and animators who tackle both technological and religious subjects.

My work uses technology as a means to examine echoes of themes from the past to the present such as religious reverence and the essences of being human, as well as the complex questions and emotions that come with such a state of being. I use modern and outdated technology in my work in both its superficial and internal forms. For my print series, even though the prints are pulled by hand, I use digital processes and elements to build up layers of meaning and visual complexity; from method to incorporated elements technology is an essential element to my creative language.

Please note - the actual physical dimensions of this piece are 10 x 8 inches (h x w). The relative size of this work has been adjusted for the purposes of the virtual gallery presentation.




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