Half Life and more art by Carter Hodgkin

Half Life, 2010
48 x 32 inch (h x w)
Still image NFT

Carter Hodgkin fuses art, science and technology to explore a new language of abstraction. Her working process is an interplay between digital means woven into traditional media with an emphasis on the hand. She utilizes a range of media from animation & programming to drawings, paintings & large scale mosaics.

Her work has been exhibited in the United States, Europe and Asia and appears in public and private collections. She lives in New York and her work can be found at

Half Life is a hi-res jpg of a painting in my "Unforeseen Behaviors" series from 2010. Fusing physics, digital technology and painting, the hyper-energetic, cascading compositions are based on simulated atomic particle collisions. Amid an infinite black void, thousands of vibrantly-hued dots explode and implode in a constant state of flux, conjuring fireworks, waterfalls, and volcanic mountains.

Embracing the infinitesimal realm of physics, I manipulate computer code to generate animations of simulated particle collisions. From these animations I capture still images which become templates for the paintings, blurring the boundaries between digital media, drawing, and painting. Layer upon layer of overlapping tiny dots and fragile lines are painstakingly hand-painted in oils, coalescing into emergent iconic forms. In the artist’s words, the work “reflects a tension between technology and handcraft, as well as the rigor of scientific process and the emotional possibilities of abstraction.”




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