Dot-to-Dot (Origins) and more art by Suzanne Anker

Dot-to-Dot (Origins), 2013
58 x 44 inch (h x w)
Pigmented Inkjet print on archival paper

Suzanne Anker is a Bio Art pioneer, visual artist, and theorist working at the intersection of art and the biological sciences. Her practice investigates the ways in which nature is being altered in the 21st century. Concerned with genetics, climate change, species extinction, and toxic degradation, she calls attention to the beauty of life and the “necessity for enlightened thinking about nature’s ‘tangled bank’.” She works in a variety of mediums ranging from digital sculpture, photography, and plants grown by LED lights.
Instrumentalized vision and its associated tools have always been part of the aesthetic process. From the camera obscura to the microscope and telescope, technology has afforded practitioners the ability to explore novel visual horizons. Techspressionism continues in this trajectory through the use of digital apparatuses and software programs. As we have seen through the lens of Modernity, perception is both objective and affective.



LOCATION: East Hampton, New York USA

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Armageddon Yacht, 2021
50 x 40.9 inch (h x w)

Sad Clown 01, 2020
30 x 30 inch (h x w)
Digital painting

Adora Smiling, 2020
30 x 30 inch (h x w)
digital video

Holism, 1999-2021
Audiovisual NFT

My Nature, 2021
48 x 48 inch (h x w)
Unique Solar Plate etching on Arches paper with ink
oil paint and oil pastel. 33 x33 inches.


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