Infirm Nebula and more art by Renata Janiszewska

Infirm Nebula, 2021
Digital Image
dimensions variable.

My present work evolved from years of experimentation with digital media. I have been working exclusively on electronic canvas since 2010.

My intention is to construct a portal into imagined landscapes and recent technology has allowed me to accomplish this. In addition to still images, I also work in experimental sound and animation. I believe that art belongs everywhere, and making it digitally increases its ability to reach farther than ever before in history.

Infirm Nebula is part of my Font Series of 2021. These works exist as an expression of a longing for an alternative reality, for a place of refuge from the noise and clamour of this world. This piece is set in a place not on earth, it is a heroic tableau. The two foreground shapes can be read as colossal in relation to the skyscape behind them. It is Techspressionist in its mannerd portrayal of a yearning for someplace beyond our world.



LOCATION: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

exhibited by:

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