What to eat with Prosecco and more art by Lucie Králíková

What to eat with Prosecco, 2020
Digital Collage

Lucie Králíková is deeply interested in themes connected to her life, the situation in her mind. Her work is focused on strong and at the same time fragile relation to food caused by several eating disorders as well as her fascination with bourgeois life around her.
Lucie combines different materials, techniques, and approaches to art. She enjoys the long process from beginning to end. Starting with research and creating still lives, taking photos, and from those photos designing her fabric.

This work began with a bottle of really good Prosecco, which were photographed and multiplied into the fabric pattern. Then this digital fabric pattern was used and "stretched" around cheese, meat etc (parmigiano, prosciutto...). This piece symbolize the current healthy and happy relation to consuming food, after a period of eating disorders of the artist.

Please note - the actual physical dimensions of this piece are 170 x 170 cm (h x w). The relative size of this work has been adjusted for the purposes of the virtual gallery presentation.



LOCATION: Prague, Czech Republic

exhibited by:

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