Paint Particles and more art by Elio Ramos

Paint Particles, 2020
Digital generative art using custom code. Dimensions variable.

Elio Ramos Colón (aka garabatospr) was born in Aibonito Puerto Rico in 1966. Since 1997 he is a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Puerto Rico at Humacao teaching undergraduate courses in computer programming and data visualization. He works in generative art and digital abstract art. His creative process is based on simple geometrical and mathematical concepts and pushes them to the limit to obtain interesting complex structures.

For this piece, I wrote my own generative code that simulates throwing “paint” particles at random locations on the surface of the screen and using the mathematical concept of vector field to define deterministically the direction of each particle. The continuous layering of particles suggests, what sometimes is a contradictory and tedious balance between repetition and variety in my creative process.



LOCATION: Gurabo, Puerto Rico

exhibited by:

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