Electric • Light •Stone • Fire - 電光石火 and more art by Susan Huang

Electric • Light •Stone • Fire - 電光石火
27 x 48 inch (h x w)
digital video
1920 x 1080 FHD

Susan Huang was born in Taipei, Taiwan. She learned traditional musical instruments ie Koto in childhood and graduated from the Music of Art School. Being in love with literature, she begin to study at the Faculty of Philosophy.

Because of the love of aesthetics, she was self-taught and work in computer graphics design field. In 2019 the artist started experimenting with dynamic image design and video editing, using the abstract expression of light, shadow and color to create 3D images and flowing layers.

The work "Electric Light Stone Fire" was originally from the Buddhist language. It means the light of lightning and flint fire. It is a metaphor for the change, rapidity and impermanence of things of the world.

Colorful tones change like everything in the world. Imagine the undulating universe in chaos and Irregular scrolling of the earth corresponding to the distortion of the inner world. Unsatisfactory life-experience, broken, happy and painful etc., changing rapidly.

LOCATION: Taipei, Taiwan

exhibited by:

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