Artist Statement and more art by Ram Samocha

Artist Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist’s Statement
A short drawing performance sketch by Ram Samocha using condensed milk on cling film made in Andiast, Switzerland.

Ram Samocha is an Israeli-born artist, curator and educator, who presently resides in Brighton, UK. Samocha’s work focuses on the issues of personal and global transformation and combines drawing with video, sound, installation, and live performance. Samocha often mixes modern and traditional drawing techniques while searching for new ways to combine between two and three dimensions.
Recognized nationally and internationally, Samocha’s work is part of various museums and private collections and has been shown in the United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Mexico, Canada and the United States.
Ram Samocha is the founder and artistic director of Draw to Perform, an international community for drawing performance practice. Since 2013, Draw to Perform have organized international symposiums and festivals, worked with and supported emerging and established artists, collaborations with art institutions, and run educational residencies and workshops.

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other works by Ram Samocha

Mountain Range Outline (Sketch..., 2020
300 x 533 x 3 cm (h x w x d)
#performance #drawing

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sophia bartholomew, artist..., 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Drawing While Black, aka Black..., 2020
h = 300, d = 3 cm
#performance #drawing

Artist's Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist Statement, 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm

Artist Statement , 2021
h = 150, d = 1 cm


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