As Long as the Geese Fly, (Forgotten Promises) and more art by Susan Carney

As Long as the Geese Fly, (Forgotten Promises)
Collage/Enamel/oil on Canvas

Artist Statement

My current work is motivated and inspired by the following two quotes:
“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” – Martin Luther King Jr.
“Ten thousand years ago, as hunter-gatherers, we lived a sustainable life because that was the only option. All these years later, it’s once again the only option.” – Sir David Attenborough
My goal is to increase environmental awareness by celebrating the sustainable life led by the Middle Atlantic region’s historic indigenous people. Upon researching the original inhabitants of Southern Maryland, I have been rather quickly confronted by a relatively shallow and mythologized history. The injustices have seldom been discussed or recognized by modern historians and politicians alike.
I hope to bring attention to these topics through my paintings.

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American Backstory
Collage/oil on Canvas

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As Long as the Geese Fly, (For...
Collage/Enamel/oil on Canvas

American Backstory
Collage/oil on Canvas

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