“Collection of Memories” and more art by Erin Harris

“Collection of Memories”, 2022
48 x 16 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
USD 650
for sale

I have titled this piece "Collection of Memories" because that's exactly what it is made from. I was paired with 13-year-old Jackson and his mother, Lisa. Sadly, we lost Jackson this year to colorectal cancer before the piece was completed.
When we lose a loved one, the memories are the closest thing to having them with us. The collection of memories keeps them close, even though they are gone. Lisa sent me multiple videos of Jackson and I took bits of audio from each video and created this soundwave. Now, it is a physical representation of a collection of memories. It is made from walnut, cherry, African mahogany, pecan, and red oak.
Inspired by Jackson Forssberg and Lisa Howard

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