"Emerging Beauty" and more art by Cami Baker Miller

"Emerging Beauty", 2022
24 x 24 x 1.5 inch (h x w x d)
USD 900
Mixed Media
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Cortina and I met via Zoom several times over the course of our time working together, and each time, the impression I came away with was a woman on a mission to be the absolute best she could be. She is a published author, a mother, a therapist, and so very much more. She is a two-time cancer survivor and the embodiment of the word “thriver.” Cortina is both full of energy and a sense of calm. She has a lot of balls in the air, and seems so well equipped to handle them all, yet she has a quiet presence that just helps immediately put you at ease.
We never really spent much time talking about cancer and how it had affected us. We talked more about everyday, real-life topics. And it was during one of these talks that a picture formed in my mind.
I hardly ever go into a piece really knowing what the end result will be, but this one was different. I truly cannot recall the words that were said during the conversation (three years later and I still claim chemo brain myself) but I remember the feeling of just KNOWING the colors and swirls and actual direction this piece was going to take. I remember getting really excited and showing Cortina some colors, as well as some inspiration I had. It was an oracle card that had a lotus blossom on it. And then SHE got excited!!! The lotus is one of her favorite flowers. I thought it perfectly captures her quiet strength and ability to thrive in any situation.
Inspired by Cortina Peters
Ocoee, FL
Social Media: @TheGirlfriendTherapist
Survivor of Lymphoma
Twist on Cancer: My experience with this entire process has been a positive one. I was able to connect with other individuals living with and impacted by cancer. It helped remind me of how precious life is and the importance of valuing every day.

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