"He's Made of Magic" and more art by Karen Hidalgo

"He's Made of Magic", 2022
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This piece of art tried to capture the many layers and stories that have created Michael's cancer journey. Michael and I became friends right away, and unbeknownst to him, all our conversations became 'linguistic ammunition' for this piece. I was honored, inspired and happy learning about all the pieces that made Michael such an incredible person and cancer survivor, so this piece is a testament to our friendship and his journey with and beyond cancer.

He pulls hope from his hat like magicians pull rabbits....creating peace in open spaces...he is magical....
Stage 3 colorectal cancer
Michael heard those words 9 years ago..
Didnt hit him at first…
they began…
80 % chance of reoccurrence, those words stuck in his head…he laid down in bed that night…
Feeling like the tumor had come alive like a heartbeat….
Colorectal cancer
Choices, lots of choices of how he would meet cancer face to face, and he did... with beauty and grace…
Surrounded by friends and family to walk along the path beside him…
After surgery he had to live with a colostomy bag…a drag-
but NO-
Michael said: LET’S GO!
I’m focusing instead on this journey ahead of me!
He learned to be grateful for all that life had to offer him.
As Ann Boskamp said, in one of his favorite books…she got a ‘nudge from G-d’. …with these words Michael chose to live his life w meaning and intention…slowing down…crate myrtle blooming on his deck…he took the time to NOTICE…
2017 doctor declares: no evidence of disease….What do you do when you get 20/30/40 more years to live? You GO OUT AND LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!
He’s now a state lead ambassador….a cancer fighting bad asssssss-ador…….
He won the highest volunteer award for excellence in advocacy -The ‘Academy Award’ for cancer advocacy….
His trophies, decorated in many shapes and sizes are the many lives he’s touched…
He chooses to be the voice for the voiceless…changing and impacting legislation to help survivors and their families-
The true present is his presence, his commitment and involvement his declaration…
With his words he’s chosen to fight for change…
Eliminate loopholes in the system….shift policy, change lives-striving to share stories to help people own and celebrate theirs…
He may not be SUPERMAN but he is a super man…his superpowers his passion for advocacy and his “glass is so full its overflowing” attitude…
He exudes an infectious positivity…he’s a starburst with a purpose…I think he comes from magic…
Michael exemplifies the power of giving…of living in the moment…of embracing the stories he has lived through to help others live unabashedly though theirs…
May we continue to create space…meeting cancer FACE TO FACE…honoring the stories of the incredible people before us today…
May we be reminded that we are the artists and writers capturing these important stories that need to be told…of people who didn’t choose to let cancer in..but are now all part of a tribe….a tribe of those who have passed and those that survived….
Survivors of unfortunate circumstances with extraordinary stories to tell…
May we all choose to dwell in the light…keep fighting for what is right…and like Michael…honor our past….live fiercely in the present…and work hard and dream big for the future of our dreams…

Inspired by Michael Holtz
Knoxville, TN
Social Media: @michaelholtzonline (IG); @michaelholtz (Twitter); @mholtzonline (FB)
Twist on Cancer: When I was diagnosed with cancer, I was working for a national cancer non-profit. I knew the statistics: one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime. Although I was younger than most colorectal cancer patients, I never wondered “Why me?” My twist on cancer started from the moment of diagnosis. I shared every aspect of life with cancer, from diagnostic tests and treatment to survivorship and post-treatment side effects. I wanted to demystify my illness and help people understand. I continue to serve as an advocate, whether sharing my story to groups or individuals, or working on legislation that improves the quality of life for cancer patients, survivors and their families.

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