The Content Vagabond and more art by GT Glenforest Secondary School Grade 9

The Content Vagabond, 2022

My fascination with the sea and my dresser inspired me to realize this surrealist collage. I was overflowing with ideas, so designing thumbnail sketches was easy, but the assemblage took much more time and required me to think outside the box to follow the principles of art and design. I used personal materials, from hongbao envelopes to my “unlucky” striped shirt. The main idea of this piece is that I am incredibly unsure of my identity; I am not sure how I can impact the world, I don’t always feel welcomed. I connected this to how a castaway drifts among the waves, not knowing if they’ll ever reach land, how much longer they’ll be at sea, or if they’ll survive. I wanted to show my identity as a continuous, chaotic, multi-dimensional story. I don’t know what will happen next but I can always honestly document my present self.

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Kadeisha Buchanan portrait, 2022
graphite on cartridge paper
8.5" x 11"

Perspective Shift, 2022
bristol board
pencil crayons
big pieces of paper

The Time is Now, 2022
Foam heads

Stop Asian Hate, 2022
pencil crayons

How Many More?, 2022
Mixed Media on paper
38" x 19"


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