Colours of Fluidity and more art by J.H., Sir William Gage Middle School, Grade 8

Colours of Fluidity, 2022
Acrylic paint on canvas
led pencil + 16x20 canvas

When I decided to paint on a canvas for my art piece I wanted to express myself but without words. The colours on the canvas represent who I am, what my personality is like. It’s everywhere and there are so many different kinds of colours that symbolize my identity. In the middle of the canvas is a self portrait of me. The art piece is meant to attract attention with the paint instead of my faint self portrait because I want people to see the colour symbolism. I included little statements faintly that are racist but put lots of paint on top of it to make it hard to read. I wanted to show how even when people can say hateful things I still know my worth. I’m not the things people say I am.

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