Mending Landscapes: um olhar para Jōsō and more art by Marita Ibanez Sandoval

Mending Landscapes: um olhar para Jōsō, 2022


Artist's Statement
This work is part of ongoing visual research on migration in Japan that aims to understand the migratory footprints of Latin American communities within the Japanese landscape. Ibaraki Prefecture is home to a significant Brazilian population; in the city of Jōsō, forty percent of the migrant population is Brazilian, mainly of Japanese descent. As part of a case study in Jōsō, three photographic visits were conducted in search of the migratory footprint and its effects on the urban-rural landscape. A methodology consisting of photo-walks, photo-archiving, collage, and photomontage was developed. The approach consisted of walking through one of the city's main avenues while using different photomedia tools. Flusserian ideas of migrants as mirrors and windows, as a way of (re)observing the city through their eyes and experiences, are essential in constructing the scale models. Being a migrant myself, a foreigner in another city of Ibaraki, I am attentive to the city's migrational footprint and my own traces when making an image or constructing a scale model.
The exploration of re(visiting) and re(photographing) Jōsō city in Ibaraki, Japan, generated scale models of the city from photographs, an intermediate point between the two-dimensionality of the printed photograph and the three-dimensionality of the visited landscape. These models contained photographs and re-photographs of the city, taken on different days and times, seeking to have enough elements to later (re)construct a landscape-photomontage of the city, always in search of a migrational footprint.

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