What makes a country? and more art by Tracey Bowen

What makes a country?, 2021
digital print


Artist's Statement
Drawing is a way to mark, illustrate, and document the world around us. Drawing in all its graphic, material, and virtual forms allows us to gain perspective of our surroundings beyond privileged text-based languages. Drawing as thinking through enables us to process and question things about the world that we may not readily understand, such as abstractions, distance, and conflict. Drawing is a method for making concepts, phenomena, and experiences concrete. I use drawing as a way to think through those things that are puzzling, and to pose questions about the things that I do not readily understand such as colonialism, discrimination, and conflict. My recent work has explored the mapping of territory, examining the markings that include and exclude, that create pathways and inspire exploration. Reading maps is a form of literacy and creating new ideas about maps through marks and notations requires us to question what maps do to our sense of who we are in relation to each other.
What makes a country is a diagrammatic thinking through of questions regarding power and territory.

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What makes a country?, 2021
digital print

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