Flaming Trees and more art by Danielle Gorogo

Flaming Trees
51 x 41 cm (h x w)
AUD $ 900
acrylic on canvas

These four paintings are depicting the change in the environment/landscape since the arrival of Europeans in Australia.

When the Europeans arrived in our country, they found a land that was very much like one enormous estate.  The lands that our many First Nation custodians looked after, were analogous to the Gentlemens' Parks of Europe.  They had rich fertile soils, an abundance of shade and shelter, protected springs, luxuriant vegetation, green valleys, open forests, woodlands and flats, open grassy creeks, expansive grasslands and varied grounds with gentle undulations.  This enormous estate, "The Biggest Estate on Earth", with its flourishing and abundant wildlife, trees, plants and animals was the result of First Nation Australians and their intelligence, skill & knowledge of the land and their management of it.

The rate of environmental change increased dramatically with the arrival of Europeans in Australia.  The farming and other land management practises, such as mining and clear-fell logging, practised by the Europeans on arrival, were not suited to the Australian environment.  This caused erosion, salinity, species extinction, climate change and generally a great reduction in the quality of land and the lives it sustained.  This mismanagement of land is the major cause of our current climate crisis.  Environmental conditions have worsened to the extent that we are now experiencing extreme bushfire events and an in increase in extreme weather events such as droughts, floods, severe storms, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Mother Earth is trying to make us aware that we are mistreating her and if we do not wake up to ourselves, she will shed us like an animal that sheds itself of parasites.

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