Where the Wildflowers Once Grew and more art by Gordon Syron

Where the Wildflowers Once Grew
76.2 x 101.6 cm (h x w)
AUD $ 4 800
Oil on canvas
for sale

This painting is out of my memories as a child growing up in a rainforest on thousands of acres owned by my family and the wildflowers don't grow there anymore, as it was divided up into smaller farms after it was mined and lost by thievery.

All of my paintings belong to my Keeping Place collection.

This is Old Minimbah Land where Grandma used to live. It is CROWN LAND and my Father's name, Robert John Syron is on the map.

This land is part of the Old Corroboree Grounds.

This painting is the result of trying to create a painting/photograph of my memory of just how majestic the rainforest, flowers, and trees were on our Land.

The mining companies came through this area and took more than a foot-deep of topsoil off thousands of acres of our land. They took all the elements and goodness out of the soil. Now the wildflowers don't grow anymore. When I was young I could lean off my horse and in seconds have an armful of breathtakingly beautiful wildflowers, I wouldn't even have to get off my horse to pick them. This Land was sacred to me that is why I chose to paint about it.

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