Sylvia and more art by Kira Krasz


My work is focused on the interplay between images and their physical properties. I am
curious to explore the possibilities of photography by experimenting with, printing
techniques, layering, textures, and installation. To this purpose, I photograph in large part
on film because it supports an honest approach to my subjects. Portraiture, abstraction,
landscapes and nudes have equal importance within my practice to elements such as books,
or odd paper. I attempt to determine the genre of a photograph by its context rather than
its content. The goal is to reach a state of ‘timelessness’ when it comes to image-making
whether it be by modifying chemicals in the darkroom, scratching negatives in the camera-
body or using the ink and the printer with incompatible paper. I graduated in 2019 from the
University of Brighton BA (Hons) Photography, receiving a Photoworks(UK) award for my
degree project ‘Thought after Taught’.


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