Boscawen-Ûn and more art by Luke Piper

Boscawen-Ûn, February 2020
57.5 x 57 cm (h x w)
GBP 3 300
ink & pastel on Arches Aquarelle 300gsm CP

A pair of menhirs from the Cornish Stone circle near St Buryan out on the far end of the St Michael line in the UK. One of these granite stones is made from almost pure white quartz and the flecks of mica and feldspar in these combined with the ochre, orange and pistachio green and turquoise of lichen and moss complements the sepia and umber tones of the enclosure and landscape behind. The sunlight makes these rocks glow and gleam today just as they did for our ancestors around 4,500 years ago or so when they were quarried and placed to celebrate the cosmos - but even at night they seem to radiate.

This painting was key to the Planet Paintings work. The importance of the seemingly alchemical nature of the stones and the overall presence of the place really made me aware of the need to express something more than can be viewed by the naked eye and led to some of the circular paintings and prints.

more from Luke Piper

Lane at Long Knoll, 30th May 2020
76 x 56 cm (h x w)
pencil & ink on Arches Aquarelle 300gsm CP

Songline l, rockshelter, April 2020
60 x 60 cm (h x w)
Oil on 365gsm Arches paper mounted on board with coloured resin

Somerset Lane print ll, 2010
50 x 67 cm (h x w)
Giclée on Somerset Velvet paper

Somerset Lane print l, 2010
50 x 67 cm (h x w)
Gilcée on Somerset Velvet paper

Small Down yellow & Orange..., May 2020
40 x 66 cm (h x w)
pencil & ink on Arches Aquarelle 356gsm CP


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