Man Acting as King and more art by Rabin Mondal

Man Acting as King
32 x 33 inch (h x w)
Oil on canvas

Rabin Mondal’s authoritarian figures are compelling reminders of the profound observations of the Buddha on the impermanence of power and kingship, still relevant to our times. Made in the early
1980s, this work is a culmination of the eight works from this series, and boast of Mondal’s distinctiveness—an almost totemic sense of motif-making with human features that are exaggerated to
appear subhuman or ape-like, a distortion that depicts the innermost depravity of those who abuse power, their clawed feet and unclothed body adding to the sense of grotesqueness.

From the collection of Ghare Baire, DAG
Copyright DAG Pvt Ltd.

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other works by Rabin Mondal

Untitled, 1978
21.7 x 27.7 inch (h x w)
Oil on rice paper pasted on linen and laid over hardboard

Deity, 1974
22.2 x 14.2 inch (h x w)
Oil on oil paper

more from VMH & DAG Museums

70 x 84 inch (h x w)

19.5 x 28.6 inch (h x w)
Watercolour on paper

13 x 9.1 inch (h x w)
Brush and ink on paper

9.1 x 13 inch (h x w)
Linocut on paper

In Solidarity, In Solitude
52.8 x 31.2 inch (h x w)


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