Sitting Pretty and more art by Gail Erickson

Sitting Pretty
14 x 11 x 6 inch (h x w x d)
USD 350
mixed media
for sale

Mixed media sculpture made from ceramic, wood, metal, underglazes and found objects.

“My work is but a perception of a moment once reflected”.
It is inspired by family, nature and the human form; it’s a product of my feelings, emotions and passion for the tactile nature of clay. It is my desire to evoke these feelings in the viewer as well.

My intent is to reveal yet conceal; allowing the viewer to develop a personal connection to a piece. Large sculptures are created using flattened rings starting from the bottom and working upward. Texture also plays a major role in unifying the work. Sculptures are finished using slip, stains, underglazes, and patinas.

At the present time I am drawn to portrait, and figurative sculptures which incorporate found materials. Collectors have described my work as realistic fantasy which is provocative and a little dark but in a good way, and I would agree with that.

offered by:

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