Tri State of Id and more art by Hillary Veeder

Tri State of Id, 2018
49.5 x 30.5 cm (h x w)
Collage on particle board

This work is a representation of the psyche. The number three is echoed throughout the composition and the composition is anchored by the fire, air, water and earth elements.


Hillary Veeder is a practicing academic librarian with a background in art history. She lives and works in Lubbock, Texas. She enjoys working in oil and collage mediums. Her collages often incorporate the four elements of nature, explorations of self, faith, and the divine. Working in collage gives her a chance to explore and employ established iconographies while also creating her own through manipulation, interpretation, and reimagination of collected images.

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more from IVLA Expo

Untitled, 2020
148 x 106 inch (h x w)
data visualization

Selfie II , 220

New Normal, 2020
10 x 7.5 inch (h x w)
mixed media

Stitched Wounds, 2020
32 x 23 cm (h x w)

A Red Thread, 2020
32 x 23 cm (h x w)


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