Wellbrook Beetling Mill and more art by Angela Burns

Wellbrook Beetling Mill, 2020
35 x 25 cm (h x w)
Freehand illustration
digital rendering & collage

Recollecting the illustrious story of the linen industry in Northern Ireland, this series depicts a history which is close to vanishing. Dilapidated textile mills, outbuildings, and machinery lie abandoned throughout the countryside as a ghostly reminder of the past. This work uses digital techniques to fuse these decaying edifices with historical maps of their locality and reimagines the past and present as one. Wellbrook Mill was built in the 1760s as a water-powered beetling mill used for the finishing of linen fabric.


Angela Burns is an illustrator and designer born and raised Northern Ireland. She holds a degree in Fashion and Textile Design from the University of Ulster, Belfast, a European MA Fashion and Textile Design from Winchester School of Art, and a MA in Illustration from the University of Hertfordshire, England. Her life and work experiences in various countries have influenced her numerous creative projects including illustration, textile, and fashion design. Since 2006, she is based in Izmir, Turkey where she lectures in fashion design, drawing, and illustration at Izmir University of Economics, and where she continues to develop her creative projects in the field of illustration, design, and textiles.

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other works by Angela Burns

Herdman’s Mill, 2020
35 x 25 cm (h x w)
Freehand illustration
digital rendering & collage

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148 x 106 inch (h x w)
data visualization

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mixed media

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32 x 23 cm (h x w)

A Red Thread, 2020
32 x 23 cm (h x w)


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