Giulia Giorgi and more art by Giulia Giorgi

Giulia Giorgi
20 x 70 cm (h x w)

Active in independent cinema ranges from SFX make-up to extreme hair styling. Co-founder of Baburka Production and EffectUs. She was SFX designer in “The Prophan Exhibit”, “Deadblood”, “Ebola”, “Rimbalzello”, “Bad Blood”, “Nove Lune e Mezza”, “Go Home”, “The Happiest Boy in the World”. Mould maker for the episode “Amor Vincit Omnia” of the Netflix series “Sense8”. She was makeup and wig designer for Cats the Musical, steampunk version of Operà Populaire.

Attiva nel cinema indipendente spazia dal make-up SFX, all’ extreme hair styling. Co-fondatrice della Baburka Production e di EffectUs. E’ stata SFX designer per “The Prophan Exhibit”, “Deadblood”, “Ebola”, “Rimbalzello”, “Cattivo Sangue”, “Nove Lune e Mezza”, “Go Home-a casa loro”, “Il Ragazzo più Felice del Mondo”. Mould maker per l’episodio “Amor Vincit Omnia” della serie Netflix “Sense8”. E’ stata makeup and wig designer per Cats the Musical, steampunk version di Operà Populaire.

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Alessio Scafà
30 x 104 cm (h x w)

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