Letter to the Coral Sea, flagella Protozoa (From the series Letters Sent Sometime After the Continents Separated) and more art by Alicia Escott

Letter to the Coral Sea, flagella Protozoa (From the series Letters Sent Sometime After the Continents Separated), 2016
70 x 100 cm (h x w)

This letter is part of a larger series of love letters written to extinct species and sent
through the mail. I wrote this letter in 2016 as part of a show then about the presidential
primaries— when it was never expected that Donald Trump could win the US
presidency. In hindsight it is painful to read this letter and what it predicted. Currently, as
I send this we are nearing our 2020 presidential election in the US. I fear it may be our
last legitimate democratic election— if it will indeed be legitimate. My country has never
felt to me so close to a civil war as we are in this moment. As I write this there is smoke
outside my window. In the years since it was written the wildfires, drought and heat that
the letter alludes to have intensified both here in California and in Australia where the
letter is addressed. Climate Change has been long understood to be an amplifier of
preexisting tensions, social unrest and war, and reversely, war amplifies climate
change. We see this playing out here and now. The larger series of letters and the
letters read over video chat employ my vulnerability as a means of discussing radical
topics and revisions of history. By using intimacy the work seeks to look more closely at
the insanity of our everyday choices within systems that behave as a death cult spiraling
towards extinction; addicted to fossil-fuels and inflicting decades of war to enable
consumption in a society in denial of those wars as a cyclical means of distraction.
The letters are usually mailed to recipients private homes as a way of experiencing work
in an intimate setting, circumventing a gallery or museum, to speak more personally
about topics that can be difficult to address in the gallery context.

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