Distance Moving Through Me: Giselle and Marco and more art by Annie Albagli

Distance Moving Through Me: Giselle and Marco, 2015
38.3 x 68 inch (h x w)
Sound installation

11:44 minutes

Distance Moving Through Me relates the narrative of Giselle and Marco, a couple evicted from their homes and forced into exile in the 1950’s. At the time they chose to flea, Marco was arrested and held in prison, while Giselle’s family urged her to leave the country. She protested until the last moment; she did not know where her husband was and did not want to leave without him. I am interested in this moment of tension when Giselle decides to risk her life and move into the unknown; a choice made when it might feel impossible to see any form of future. In this moment do we restrict our mind or heart, our ability to feel out of a need to survive? Would we otherwise be paralyzed with feeling? Is emotional numbness a survival tool?
In its original form, this work consisted of an unfired brick wall littered with ice bricks that caused the wall to slowly disintegrate. It was a boundary that leaked and slowly crumbled and slumped to create an opening within the gallery. It was a reminder that even the strongest barriers give way to softness; whether emotional or structural. That leaky softness is mirrored in the end of this sound, when it appears that Giselle’s risk was worthwhile.

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