The Future is Bright and more art by Katya Grokhovsky

The Future is Bright , 2018
38.3 x 68 inch (h x w)

4:58 min

The Future is Bright is a video, which explores disillusion, war trauma, migration, identity, re-discovery and the failed utopian promise of ideology through the artist's family’s history. Focusing around the narrative of the character of Grokhovsky's 95 year old only surviving grandmother, a veteran of World War II, the project investigates post-traumatic generational identity formation through an extraordinary story of survival, humanity and legacy.

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other works by Katya Grokhovsky

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The war of the oil, 2020
Video installation

Munitions Bunker, 2020
20 x 27 inch (h x w)
Digital Photography

Shelter, 2020
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natural color

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On Judgment: The Book of Bull..., 2012
20 x 27 inch (h x w)
Artist’s Book accordion format made from hand pulled wood relief prints on Somerset Black Velvet and Somerset Velvet.


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