RBG and more art by Beverly Hayden

RBG, 2020
25 x 21 x 3 inch (h x w x d)
USD 700
Mixed Media - Wood
vintage ephemera
Acrylic paint
for sale

Donation: 50%

Frame Included: Yes
Memphis Pickup: N/A
Delivery Available: N/A
Shipping Available: $80

Size: 21" x 25" x 3"

Artist Biography:
I am a professional artist exhibiting and selling my work around the US at juried art shows for the past 17 years. I have lived in Chattanooga, TN since 2009.

Artist Statement:
Like each of you, I was absolutely flattened Friday when I heard the devastating news the RGB had passed away. But I know that she would want us not to stay flat, but to rise up, take action and fight for the democracy and the rule of law that she worked so hard to improve and to protect. So I spent the next day doing what artists do - expressing my admiration, appreciation and sorrow for the loss of this great legend through art.

I completed work on this RGB piece that I already had underway to celebrate and honor her life. It was lovely to spend the day connected with Ruth’s spirit in this way as I painted this portrait of her.

In this piece, I portrayed Ruth as she looked in these most recent years, “aged and saged” as one of my friends said. I painted her with a stern, very direct expression on her face. This is the look I imagine she would give to each of us as she tells us not to give up hope at her passing, but to be a fighter just as she has always been.

The background comic for this piece is the #1 issue of the 1941 Wonder Woman comic. I chose this comic to honor the legendary legal warrior and feminist super hero that RGB was. Even though she was not an Amazon in stature, as was Wonder Woman, her feats were Amazonian.

THANK YOU RBG for all you've done for us and taught us. Let's go FIGHT FOR HER SEAT, folks!

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