Comfort in Misandry and more art by Rih J.

Comfort in Misandry, 2020
10.5 x 8 inch (h x w)
USD 40
acrylic on canvas
for sale

Donation: 100%

Frame Included: No
Memphis Pickup: Nov 6th-7th, 2020
Delivery Available: $10
Shipping Available: $20

Size: 8" x 10.5" acrylic on canvas

Artist Biography:
My name is Rih Johnson. Originally from Winston-Salem, NC, my family relocated to Memphis in 2006. Though I have not been apart of any formal exhibits; during my time at St. Mary’s School, I was included in a photography group that was privileged to photograph Sears Crosstown Concourse before construction started. After graduating, I studied photography and journalism for a short time at University of Memphis, before deciding to enter the workforce full time. Even while working, I continue to work on my photography and have expanded into painting during this pandemic. I am currently working on perfecting my painting, as well as, photography projects surrounding protests and the need for environmental justice and reinvention of blight.

Artist Statement:
“Comfort in Misandry” came about because i was tired of the phrase “not all m*n” being retorted every time a woman calls out predatory, abusive, or harassing behaviors. M*n are seemingly so comfortable in rape culture and misogyny, they believe their personal anecdotes outweigh the reality; which is that 94-98% of all sexual harassment, assault, and rape accusations are true. As a survivor, I will never need a m*n to correct me in my assumptions about m*n. Why are men more comfortable telling us what to say about our experiences than holding each other accountable?

With this painting, there’s no correction they can make. It’s not for their consumption. They don’t have a say. This is my big mug of “men are trash” and it’ll always be the same. It’s society who should change.

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