Societal Purge and more art by Dana Finimore

Societal Purge, 2020
34 x 28 x 2 inch (h x w x d)
USD 900
Acrylic on Cradle Board
for sale

Donation: 50%

Frame Included: N/A
Memphis Pickup: Nov 6th-7th, 2020
Delivery Available: $10
Shipping Available: Will Quote

Size: 28" x 34" x 2"

Humans possess an evolutionary tendency to seek connections with nature. Societal Purge expresses the artists attempt to reconnect utilizing the abstract language of imagery, shape, color and line.
“I am constantly mindful of the language of color and how the use of it expresses emotional energy. My work is a concerted response to nature through color. This doesn’t mean I am trying to reproduce what I see in the landscape, the work is an impulsive, act that fulfills my emotional need to create. Compositional explorations are centered in the ideology of finding catharsis of body and mind through contact with the natural world. Our country’s current state feeds us a steady diet of chaos, disconnection, and conflict. My spirit becomes weak, and I need time in woods in order to purge the societal turmoil. My psyche is cleansed by nature, and I express the theme of my transformation intuitively, so that the work is totally reactionary in its execution. The spontaneous marks are a visual reverberation of my time spent in the landscape’s desultory arrangement. This lends itself to making work that is completely responsive to the emotions I experience while spending time in the terrain”.

Finimore has enjoyed a very diverse career path as a visual artist. Her work includes painting, mixed media, clay, and small metals. Finimore maintains a busy schedule, showing her work at both group and solo events. She is a member of the Craftsman’s Guild of Mississippi, the Teaching Artist Guild and the Arkansas Craft School. Finimore holds a BFA in Painting from Memphis College of Art, and an MFA in Studio Art from Memphis College of Art. She is a full time instructor in the Art Department at Northwest Mississippi Community College.

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