Sunbathers / Earth Day and more art by Charles Tigrett

Sunbathers / Earth Day, 1990
18 x 22 inch (h x w)
USD 150
for sale

Donation: 100%

Frame Included: No
Memphis Pickup: Nov 6th-7th, 2020
Delivery Available: $10
Shipping Available: Will Quote

Size: 16" x 20" (matted size a bit larger)

Artist Biography:
Charles Tigrett, professional photographer for over 40 years and happily married to a great 'Nasty Woman' (and artist) for almost that long : ) ! We were in business together (Imagery Marketing), from 1979 to 2010-ish. My 15 years at the newspaper was as sole marketing photographer, and included multi-media, which became our specialty in our new business, in addition to print and broadcast for major corporate clients - from 1979-2010-ish. Following the 2009 crash, many long-time clients suffered serious setbacks - so we did, too. During an earlier recession, we took part of our large screening room in our offices on Union, and turned it into a specialty retail showroom for Italian bicycles, of all things, my lifelong passion. It was a hit, did great! So we did both successfully for many years...and still cycling (some), too. We've been very fortunate.

Artist Statement:
I shot this image during a trip to California (for a trade show and rowing Regatta in San Francisco), as we drove up Pacific Coast Highway toward Half Moon Bay. Besides the obvious solitude and charm of the couple lying on the beach, their pristine surroundings reminds us to treasure and protect our natural resources. This image was originally a 35mm slide, eventually scanned by MPI / Memphis Professional Imaging on Summer, one of our last remaining photo labs.

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