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Woollenflower is a small natural dye studio based in Glasgow, Scotland. My yarns are made from high-quality, natural fibres, such as minimally-processed local wools, alpaca, linen and kid mohair, and are dyed with plants collected around Glasgow and Scotland, food waste and sustainably-sourced raw plant material and dye extracts.

I also make small runs of pouches made from Harris Tweed from worn-out jackets or lengths of vintage fabric. These were originally intended as knitting tool or project pouches but function beautifully to store any treasures you might like to carry.

Periodically, I also produce small runs of woollen accessories on a hand-operated vintage knitting machine, using yarn spun in Scotland in soft, rich and earthy colours and focusing on botanically-inspired patterns, many of which are sourced from traditional ethnic knitting motifs.

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