Pool and more art by [3] Beverley Grieshaber

Pool, 2020
293.7 x 294.2 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
not for sale

Looking like a clear, sunlit pool of water with gentle disturbance at the walls, this is in fact the stress field approximation for a plate under a trigonometric body force, as generated by a fairly standard variation on the finite element method. We used this known method for performance comparison as we assessed the results of an alternative method we developed for modeling tricky near-incompressible materials, ours not producing the unrealistic high-stress bands near the boundaries or the water-like distortions seen here.

offered by:

more from CSMA Junior | EYIC


Members of the jury

Françoise Pétry
248 x 248 x 10 cm (h x w x d)

Karen Willcox
248 x 248 x 10 cm (h x w x d)

Julien Pebrel
248 x 248 x 10 cm (h x w x d)


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