Figments of Reality and more art by [6] Beatriz Moya

Figments of Reality , 2020
303.1 x 496.1 x 1 cm (h x w x d)
not for sale

The research revolves around the development of living digital twins of fluid dynamics. The avatar of the fluid, discretized in particles, learns from reality, and shows the results of the simulation with augmented reality, as we see in the picture.

These twins are a reflection of a real fluid, like the reflection of the mirror. Even though the are not real, they act as if they were. Their behaviour is portrayed in the picture by representing the particles as a recreation of the real fluid, and not the one mirrored. We don’t have to find out reality, because for machines this is the reality.

offered by:

more from CSMA Junior | EYIC


Members of the jury

Françoise Pétry
248 x 248 x 10 cm (h x w x d)

Karen Willcox
248 x 248 x 10 cm (h x w x d)

Julien Pebrel
248 x 248 x 10 cm (h x w x d)


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