Jaguar from Cat's Pajamas and more art by Annemarie Zwack

Jaguar from Cat's Pajamas

A long long time ago when The Cat’s Pajamas in the DeWitt Mall was celebrating 20 years in idea was hatched to create a Celebration Mural.

In order to cover up an unsightly, often heard, running pipe that could not be removed, a cover-up began. The Dewitt Building, designed by William Henry Miller and built in the early 1900’s. It was the original Ithaca High School and Boynton Middle School until the mid-60’s. The building is old and iconic and some things must “remain as they keep the place together.”

To the imaginative eye, the pipe looked like an exotic tree branch, and so it was decorated as such. Then the tree branch looked lonely and needed an injection of LIFE! Enter Annemarie Zwack. Artist, Outside-the-box thinker, Engaged Citizen and all around good sport. When she was presented with the challenge of bringing life to the wall, she said, “Why Not!“

All of the flora and fauna you see on the wall were carefully researched at the Cornell library by Zwack. She depicted examples from jungles and rainforests from around the world. The mural represents plants and the weather conditions of these eco-zones. The mural is an astounding piece of art in all light and all seasons.

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