Sunshine Flower from CSMA's Modern Comfort Show and more art by Lyla Emery White

Sunshine Flower from CSMA's Modern Comfort Show

From Community School for Music and Art's (CSMA) June 2020 Virtual Gallery:

"I combined blocks from three other artists—Sharon Hunt, Valerie Leftwich, and Kim Stone—to make this quilt."

Curated by the Ithaca Modern Quilt Guild (IMQG), this virtual exhibition reflects the vibrant innovation and creative vitality of the quilters who are part of the modern quilting community in and around Ithaca. The show is organized around four design aesthetics that are common to modern quilting—Modern Traditionalism, Negative Space, Improvisation, and Asymmetry. The quilts range in size from a diminutive piece barely a foot square, to wall hangings and lap quilts, to the bed-size benefit quilt the guild created and generously donated to CSMA for fundraising.

In this time of quarantining and social distancing, "normal" or "traditional" ways of living can seem lost to us. We hope this show gets you excited about the power and beauty of innovating in the midst of unfamiliar circumstances. We hope these quilts inspire you to figure out a new normal, by imagining your own interpretations of modern comfort.

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other works by Lyla Emery White

Sunshine Flower, 2017
23 x 23 inch (h x w)

Finding Quiet, 2019
84 x 91 inch (h x w)
Negative Space

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